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How homoeopathy works ?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Is homoeopathy is a pseudo- science ?

  1. It was a big question and have many controversies. Thanks to Prof. DR Jayesh Bellare and team of IIT Bombay for their study about how homoeopathy medicine works .

  • As homoeopathic medicines have minute doses and dilluted so the mother particle is missing in body while study .So many scientists and scholars have questioned about the efficiency homoeopathy . But the study of IIT Bombay shows Homoeopathy medicines work on nano technology and the nano particlehe future is that.

  • But its a thing to think again that homoeopathy medicines are working on that basis since 200 Years ago . s are the main thing that act .

  • Nano medicines are now a days a thing of new approach to the treatment in morden medicine system ,many researches are going .And t

Article of IIT Bombay -

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